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Know Your Local Area

Some people have asked me why they should participate in the Local Government elections, what does the Council or Local Boards do for me? 

A way that I explain it, is that everything outside of your front door, your gate/fence at your home is your Council, Local Board make decisions from the rubbish collection services, to roading, to public transport, to water to your property, council facilities, local regulations and bylaws.

So what does a Local Board do?

I share with you some helpful information from the He Korero mo nga poari a-rohe, About local boards website which discusses what Local boards do.

Local boards provide governance at the local level within Auckland Council. They enable democratic decision making by, and on behalf of communities within the local board area.  They are charged with decision-making on local issues, activities and services, and provide input into regional strategies, policies, plans and decisions.

Local boards are responsible for:

·    adopting local board plans that set the strategic direction for the local board area every
     three years in consultation with their communities;

·    agreeing annual local board agreements (with the governing body) that set annual

·    agreeing and overseeing annual work programmes.


Local board work programmes play a critical role in delivering on the needs of Auckland's local communities and are informed by local board plans.

For more information go to 


Click here to view the map of the Papakura Local Board area: 


Have Your Say

Have your say by participating in the voting process – Your vote matters, and that is empowering. 

You can only participate in the voting process if you are enrolled on the Electoral roll so you can receive voting papers in the mail and vote. 

Don't delay, you can enrol online now so you can have a say –

Vote for Pania Wilson for Papakura Local Board

My Approach
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